Thursday, August 11, 2016

Going for Gold

Shirt (similar) - H&M / Jeans - Old Navy / Bag - Sole Society / Sandals - Dolce Vita / Necklace (similar) - Madewell

What's up with these fall colors, you say? Well earlier this week I participated in my company's Office Olympics, and because I can never do anything normal my team and I decided to rep the tiny city-state of Monaco. What do I know about Monaco? Grace Kelly was their princess, they're super wealthy, and they're home of the real Monte Carlo. Oh, and since doing some research, I discovered their flag is a deep red on the top and white on the bottom, so I made our team wear red and white so that when we all lined up we could be the flag (#nerdalert). We also bought some monocles off of Amazon because A) monocle sounds like Monaco and B) rich people love monocles, right? 

If you saw any of our performance on Snapchat (follow along @kristinadoes!) you may have seen that we were NOT performers hahaha. Luckily none of my athletic ability made its way to the internet because it was embarrassing - I played a game where I had to shoot a rubber band at some cans on a table and I think I only managed to hit 3 of 9. A surprising number of them came back at my face haha ;) Somehow we managed to scrape out a 5th place finish - I think our team spirit outfits helped us out! 

The Office Olympics were a fun reason to pull out a fall color from my closet after months of pastels and brights. I've had this shirt for years now (I found a picture of me wearing it on a trip back in 2012!) and it was definitely a good purchase - I think it was something like $12.95 at H&M which puts the cost-per-wear in pennies. In the fall I love wearing it with darker colors, but it feels just right in August with some bright white jeans. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to watching the actual Olympics - go USA!

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