Monday, August 15, 2016

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Went to the Arlington Million (the biggest horse race in Illinois) with a bunch of our friends. You may have seen me all over Snapchat (@kristinadoes), the girls who went are way into Snapchat so we were all trying to outdo each other all day ;) Jeff and I were betting with the same allowance, so even though I may have won a little, he lost a lot so we came out a bit behind.
...Managed to snag this saddle bag! I really wanted the burgundy version (also in brown on the Sole Society site) during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and actually managed to place an order with it twice, but both times the order was cancelled. I've been seriously stalking it though, so when I saw it come back into stock I snagged it right away, and got a notification yesterday that it actually shipped! So I had to wait a little and pay a little more, but I definitely think it was worth it - I'll be wearing this baby all fall long!
...Had dinner at Fatpour, because, you know, we were looking for bar food, and were there for the swimming medleys on Saturday night. The DJ played Proud to be an American after the second gold which was basically amazing, the entire bar sang along. The downside? Something was wrong with their A/C, so the pipes were dripping all night! Serious ew. I don't know about you, but I can't handle it when a random air conditioner drips on me while I'm walking down the street, so being in a dripping bar all night was not quite my cup of tea.
...Had my family over for a little roof party on Sunday afternoon and made this spicy jerk chicken again, yum! I'm so glad we decided to add a roof deck to our place, it's so nice to be able to have people over and enjoy the outdoors.

And that being said, it was a really busy and fun weekend, but I somehow didn't manage to make time for planning any content for this week! Since it will also be a really busy week with work, expect a little radio silence - I may make it back a day or two but don't count on anything! If I don't see you, I'll be back next Monday!

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