Monday, August 22, 2016

This weekend...

This weekend I...

...Tried to take it easy after a crazy week at work (ahem, actually hoping you DIDN'T see some of the Snapchats I posted Thursday night - @kristinadoes) with a little movie & taco night at home with Jeff. We finally saw Brooklyn and it was so good. I read the book though, and while you never expect a movie to follow the book exactly, there was something left out from this that made the point of the movie completely different. I think I weirdly actually liked the movie version better!
...Finally got the saddle bag I've been obsessing over in the mail, and you guys it's so gorgeous. I can't wait to pull it out for fall! They currently have all of the colors in stock (I went for bordeaux but I also love the saddle brown) so snag it now before it sells out!
...Went to the Chicago Air & Water show for the first time. I know, I know, I've lived in Chicago for six years now and have no idea how I haven't made it before. We watched from Montrose Beach rather than trying to go downtown, and it wasn't crazy at all. We were able to stretch out and have a little barbecue in the sun (and occasional downpour haha - silly Chicago).
...Tried my hand at making cheese! I found this book One Hour Cheese while we were in Tahoe earlier this summer and thought it looked easy enough that I could try it. It was pretty good but I could probably use a little more practice ;)
...Brought the cheese to a wrestling party. Yes, you read that right. For some reason my friends (ahem, and husband) are really into wrestling and get together to watch pay-per-views. I usually refuse to go, but the theme of this party was super hipsters so I thought it would be funny to go. What's more hipster than making and bringing your own cheese decorated with herbs you grew to a party?
...Went to Rent The Runway for a fitting! They sent me a coupon for a free fitting, and I have a black tie event coming up in a couple of months so I thought why not try a few things on. I found a couple of dresses I loved, this one might be the winner!

I hope you had a good one!

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