Monday, August 8, 2016

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Went over to a friend's house for some pizzas on the grill and a little Settlers of Catan. I know I'm about ten years late on this one, but I'm seriously obsessed with this game - Jeff and I decided we need to buy a set for ourselves! #nerdalert
...Grabbed brunch at Corridor and while I went in with plans to have a healthy meal had to surrender to the breakfast pizza again. Luckily I went with the husband this time, so he agreed to split a pizza and a salad with me. And when I say "agreed" I mean was basically forced into surrendering ;)
...Finished a painting for our living room! We've only lived in our place for, oh, nine months, and still have barely managed to get anything up on the walls. Like, we've put stuff up in hallways and bathrooms because those seem like low-stress areas, but have been having a hard time committing to anything for the living/dining room and our bedroom. I found a couple of pieces I liked on Minted, but wanted a huge print for our dining room and didn't feel like spending $500+ on something I wasn't really sure about. So instead I went to Michael's with a few coupons and walked out with some paint and a big canvas for $30. It took a few tries but I wound up with something I really like for the space, expect a reveal on Insta or Snapchat (depending on my confidence level haha - both are @kristinadoes) in the next couple of days.
...Went on a little date night with Jeff to Artango, and holy provolone cheese! One of their apps is basically some fancy melted cheese and I just about died at the table it was so good. Jeff and I go out to dinner fairly often, but it was fun to plan a specific date night and dress up a little, made things feel more special.
...Made some of these watermelon rosé margaritas, and oh my gee where have you been all my life?!
...Watched so much of the Olympics! Are you super into the Olympics too? I couldn't care less about most sports, but I go crazy for the Olympics every time. I've been super into the bicycling, swimming, and gymnastics so far! Jeff was a swimmer and is super obsessed so he actually had us tape the primetime coverage while we were out to dinner so we could watch when we got home.
...Spent an afternoon babysitting my little niece. She's only, oh, 13 months old and we haven't babysat her before, so Jeff and I felt like we should sneak a little time in ;)

I hope you had a good one!

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