Monday, June 26, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Spent most of my time down in Knoxville, TN volunteering with Destination Imagination again! I said last week that this weekend is always so inspiring, and it definitely was!! It's always so fun to get this chance to be really creative and think up crazy things, and I love getting to meet all of these different creative people from around the country. You may have seen the couple of things I posted on InstaStories - we're a very amusing group ;) We spent most of the weekend working and pushing our brains to their limits, but also got to visit a couple of my favorite Knoxville spots, including a wander through World's Fair Park, and a visit to The Brewery.
...Got back into Chicago and went over to our friends Andy and Laura's house for a little barbecue and a lot of visiting with their adorable little son Henry! I can't believe he's almost a year old now - we're going to his first birthday party next weekend. And then my niece Mae's second birthday party the day after. Someone tell all of these kids to stop growing up so darn fast!

I hope you had a good one!!

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