Wednesday, January 8, 2020

December Budget

Every month I post about my clothing budget. My budget per month is $350, which may seem like a lot to some and a little to others, but feels just right for me. You can read my thoughts on my 2018 budget here.

And another year of budgeting in the books! I usually publish a follow-up post for the year in total sharing my favorites and misses, but honestly I don't think those posts are that fun to read. Instead, here's December for you, and I'll share a little recap of my overall spending at the bottom of the post.

I'm still so drawn to sparkly big earrings, even though I very rarely wear them these days (since there's currently a member of my household who wants to rip them out of my earlobes at every chance). But I just couldn't resist with these two! I was in the store to make a return, and these were so pretty they just called to me while I was waiting in line. But besides those, I feel like I made some good, practical purchases this month. I've been wearing everything else on repeat!

Here's the damage for December:

J.Crew Funnel Neck Sweatshirt - originally $59.50, on sale $29.75. I saw this in stores and had to try it on. It looks really luxe in person, but is lined in fleece so it's so soft and cozy inside. I've been pairing it with faux leather leggings to look dressed up when really I'm basically in pajamas. It also looks super cute with another layer peeking out underneath, like a striped tee or some plaid (like I wore it here)!
LOFT Embellished Fabric Drop Earrings - originally $34.50, on sale $13.80. These are so pretty and sparkly, and not too heavy for my ears!
LOFT Fair Aisle Pom Pom Hat - $39.50, on sale $17.77. Sadly this is sold out, because it's so freaking cute and it's really nice and thick and warm (so important for those Chicago winters!). Still linking it for you in case it comes back in stock. Otherwise here is a similar one, or here's a cute pink one.
J.Crew Lodge Coat - originally $365.00, on sale $182.50. I. Love. This. Coat. In case you couldn't tell. I kept not buying it (and trying other coats instead) because I was sure it wouldn't work on my body type. But somehow the swingy, a-line shape is surprisingly flattering! It's so gorgeous in person too with the gold hardware and the beautiful camel color. I wore it here and here.
LOFT Star Drop Earrings - originally $34.50, on sale $18. I really wanted these last year but missed out, so I was excited to snag them. Super cute in person, and once again not too heavy.
Daily Ritual Scoop Neck Tee - $18.93. I've had a couple other Daily Ritual jersey tees, and decided to add this one to my closet since the sleeves on my other long sleeve black tee shrunk. It's a great basic for layering under cardigans and scarves, and for wearing over leggings.

Total Spent: $280.75
Total Saved: $271.18

A look back at my budget for 2019

At the beginning of the year, I set up a budget of $350 per month, but with the leeway to overspend some months as long as I reigned it in the next. It turned out though that I rarely got close to that $350 mark. Here's a monthly breakdown (with links to each post): 

January: $166.95
February: $231.04
March: $149.49
April: $348.61
May: $334.20
June: $269.85
July: $294.90
August: $17.70
September: $404.54
October: $360.44
November: $252.30
December: $280.75

Total Spent: $3,110.77
Average Per Month: $259.23

It's kind of crazy, but this was actually my second-lowest spending total for the year since I started tracking my clothing budget in 2014, even though I "gave myself a raise" from $300 to $350 in 2018. I didn't have that "new new new" feeling, partially because I was so excited to rediscover a good chunk of my wardrobe post-baby.

For 2020, I'm going to keep that $350 number as my monthly budget, and see how it goes. For January I always shop for some warmer pieces to keep things interesting as we enter the season of never-ending sweaters, but I did also order this pretty dress to mix things up for date night (and for our trip to Florida over MLK weekend!).

Want to see more? Check out my budget recaps from 2018201720162015, and 2014.

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