Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Another Cape

Cape (50% off with free shipping!) - LOFT / Maternity Tee (or my fav non-maternity) - Old Navy / Maternity Leggings (or my fav non-maternity) - Blanqi / Booties - TOMS / Bag - Tory Burch / Necklace - Stella & Dot / Hair Bow - J.Crew

And the pregnancy uniform continues!! I was telling Jeff the other day, having my pregnancy uniform - leggings, a tee shirt, and a layer on top - makes getting dressed both easier and harder. Easier because I basically don't have to think at all when I'm getting dressed, but harder because it's really easy to get outfit fatigue. Outfit fatigue, is that a thing, or did I just make it up? Either way, I'm going with it! 

I was starting to get very bored with all of my cardigans, so I was happy to snag this pretty red cape on sale last week. It looks like every retailer in existence extended their Cyber Monday sales through today, so it actually is still on sale for 50% off with free shipping!

I love this particular cape because it's so soft. Usually capes like these are more on the scratchy side, but not this one! I could curl up in it and take a nap. Just a note though - because it's so soft it also sheds a bit, which I discovered wearing it out last week - I ended up with fuzzies all over my white tee! So it's maybe not best with white ;) 

I also love that it's reversible, because the red is so fun for the holiday season but I'll still be able to get a lot of the use out of the navy side during the rest of the year. How cute would the navy be paired with jeans and booties?! Definitely keeping this in heavy rotation for the rest of the arctic tundra winter that has already descended on Chicago. 

Cape (50% off with free shipping!) - LOFT / Maternity Tee (or my fav non-maternity) - Old Navy / Maternity Leggings (or my fav non-maternity) - Blanqi / Booties - TOMS / Bag - Tory Burch / Necklace - Stella & Dot / Hair Bow - J.Crew

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