Monday, November 5, 2018

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...kicked things off by babysitting Jeff's baby sister Isabella on Friday night. Jeff had never babysat for an infant before and it was so cute watching him figure it out. Of course he literally spent two hours staring at the baby monitor to make sure she was breathing - it's going to be a little tough for him when we have a kid haha! Thinking about getting one of those overly expensive socks that monitor the baby's vitals to give him some peace of mind.
...since we were in the Gold Coast, we ordered in dinner from Nico Osteria, and oooo girl that place is good! Must be fun to have that place be your corner restaurant, in contrast to the dive bar by our house ;) a ton of stuff out of the baby's room and donated, and somehow the room still feels full! We had to make some space though because our crib and dresser are getting delivered today!! I'm working on a post on our nursery design inspo to come soon, so stay tuned!
...went with Jeff to a Bull's game on Saturday night. They lost, but there were snacks and I always enjoy watching Benny the Bull throw popcorn on the opposing fans, so it was a good night for me ;)
...spent a ton of time finishing up freelance projects and doing laundry and starting to think about packing because we're leaving for Hawaii on Thursday!!! It's half a family trip with Jeff's extended family, and half a babymoon for us. You'd think since I'm pregnant I'd be buying tons of new stuff to wear, but I haven't actually bought anything! (Besides a donut pillow and compression socks for the plane!) I've determined I still have swimsuits that fit, and we're trying to pack in just carry-ons so I'm just going to be bringing mostly shorts & tees with cute accessories, and a couple of my roomier dresses.

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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