Monday, November 26, 2018

This Weekend...

Whew, and we're back after a nice long weekend! I told Jeff that waking up on Saturday was so nice because it felt like we'd just had a weekend, and then there were still a full two days left!! Besides the requisite turkey eating, here's what we got down to.

This weekend I...

...met up with a bunch of friends for pizza at Pizzeria Serio and ordered way too much haha, but it was all really good - I loved the pesto margherita! Since Jeff and I were the only ones not hitting the bars afterwards (you know, because of baby) we took all of the leftovers home and feasted for days ;)
...went downtown with my extended family for our extended "Christmas Walk" which is really just a long lunch with lots of booze at Rock Bottom Brewery. I thought maybe Jeff and I wouldn't stay so long this year, you know, because of my lack of alcohol consumption, but no, we were still there for four hours!
...did an excellent job of shopping for Christmas gifts during all of the sales and got just a few pregnancy essentials for me - you know, instead of the usual buying tons of stuff for myself! I also wandered down to Lincoln Park for Small Business Saturday to pick up a few things in person (and of course stopped at Sweet Mandy B's for a cupcake too!). My favorite places to pick up little gifts in Lincoln Park are All She Wrote and Art Effect - both have such cute stuff! Jeff and I are actually almost done with Christmas shopping now which is amazing since Christmas is still a month off!
...saw we were supposed to get a big winter storm on Sunday, and planned to stay in all day to decorate for Christmas with hot cocoa and Christmas music and a movie. I also got all of the stuff for chili and made a huge pot. Not a bad way to spend the day!

Here's hoping you had a good one!

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