Wednesday, June 7, 2017

10 Summer Essentials

You guys, I'm ready to call it. Summer is here, and I'm all in. I mean, when I say, "summer is here," I say that with the full knowledge that it doesn't officially start for a couple more weeks, so I'm crossing my fingers that Chicago doesn't come back to get its vengeance on me for jumping the gun.

1 - suit and rash guard / 2 - denim shorts / 3 - sandals / 4 - hat / 5 - sundress / 6 - statement earrings / 7 - straw bag / 8 - ots top / 9 - white shorts / 10 - summer sweater 

When it comes to summer dressing, there are a few things on my must-have list. First up is a cute swimsuit and a rash guard. What? A rash guard?! I just discovered rash guards last summer, and let me tell you, my summers have been forever changed. Normally when I'm out swimming for a long time or, more likely, trying to push one of my family members out of whatever float they're lounging on, I start to get worried about getting a sunburn after twenty or thirty minutes out in the sun. Now there's no more worrying, and I can stay out in the water as long as I want. I won't wear a rash guard all the time, but now I always pop it on when I'm in the water!

In that vein, I also love to wear hats now when I'm in the sun. Crazy dark freckles and a very pink nose used to be a big part of my summers, but not any more! I have a cute bow hat to go with dresses and a wide-brimmed hat for the beach, but next up on my list is a panama hat that will stay on this big noggin.

I used to be a skirt girl all the way, but for the past couple of summers I've gone all-in on shorts. I love having a variety, but my two go-to's are white shorts that can be dressed up or down and a pair of distressed boyfriend shorts that will go with everything from tees to swimsuits to pretty blouses.

Some other essentials? A cute summer dress that can go from the beach to date night and everywhere in between, wear-anywhere sandals, a fun summer tote, and a flirty top (this year I'm loving everything off the shoulder and one shoulder!) that pairs great with a fun pair of statement earrings.

Last but not least? A summer sweater of course! I always end up freezing indoors during the summer, so I carry a sweater just about everywhere! They're also necessary for those cool summer nights, and so much cuter than a hoodie! I used to reach for cardigans, but pullovers are feeling really fresh this summer so I'm stocking up ;)

What are your summer essentials??

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