Thursday, June 1, 2017

What to Wear to a Casual Wedding

Have you ever been invited to a wedding with a casual dress code?

I've been to a few casual weddings (and have another coming up at the end of the summer!), and while I know that the couple getting married intend the dress code to make things easy and laid-back, I've found that it usually causes more confusion than anything! I mean, you want to dress up more than you would for an average weekend, but still have that casual feel.

I've found that for women, the best option is a pretty sundress or maxi dress. I like to think of it as something I would wear for a casual date night with the hubs - my usual plus a little extra festive flair. Keeping your accessories casual and fun is key too. If it'll be chilly, instead of a pretty wrap go for a cardigan or a denim jacket. Instead of heels, choose flat sandals, wedges, or casual block heels (also helpful because casual weddings also tend to be outdoors - you don't want to be on grass in stilettos!!).

More dresses for casual weddings:

Fun accessories:

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