Wednesday, June 14, 2017

At Home / Dressing Room Try Ons

Oh hey there! I've been doing a lot of shopping lately (so, what else is new?) so I thought I'd share some of the hits and misses. 

Ann Taylor Cold Shoulder Dress - wearing a 12
I really wanted to like this. It's trendy but still work-appropriate, the navy lace is really pretty, and you know, who can say no to a ruffle? On me though, the shoulders were a little too narrow, you can see the straps of my nude bra showing through the sides! I tried with a couple of different bras and it didn't work with any of them, and the narrowness of the shoulders looked a little weird with my bust, so back it goes. Definitely give it a try if you have narrower shoulders than me though!

J. Crew Factory Fringe Sweater Tank - wearing an XL
The fringe is what drew me in to this sweater tank (so so cute!) but this is definitely going back. I usually size up for items from J. Crew Factory because they tend to shrink, but this was huge - definitely should have sized down! Mine also arrived with some snags in the fabric in the front and center, so it's going back. I'm sad though because it's such a cute concept - hoping I can find a non-damaged, smaller size in stores when I go to take it back!

J. Crew Factory Striped Studio Tee - wearing an XL
This tee is definitely a keeper! I love anything with stripes, but most of the stripes in my closet are of the navy/white or pale blue/white variety, so it's fun to have this brighter blue. Is it crazy that I'm talking about distinctions between different colored blue stripes? Yes, yes it is. I have been buying these studio tees for years because the fabric is so nice. A lot of tee shirts these days are tissue paper thin, but these are nice and thick and hold up well through a lot of washes. I definitely would suggest sizing up because they do tend to shrink a little.

J. Crew Factory Striped One Shoulder Dress - wearing a 12
This dress is sold out, which is sad because I love it so much I want you to have it too! It's really comfortable, there are pockets, the one shoulder is really fun, and it's nice and light for hot summer days. It is, however, still available in white eyelet, which is super cute too! I did wear it over the weekend though and discovered the side that lacks the shoulder tends to slip down a little - nothing a little fashion tape can't fix though!


LOFT Striped Pom Pom OTS Tee - wearing size L
This tee is super cute. I love the pom-pom details and the bows/tassels on the sleeves. The tee shirt material is nice and soft and drapes really well. The downside? The shoulders don't really like to stay down - I had this on for approximately one minute and they managed to ride up twice. I think smocked OTS tops don't work nearly as well as those that just have a band of elastic at the top. Super cute but it had to go back.


LOFT Gingham Side Tie OTS Top - wearing an XL
I'm not sure why I thought an XL was a good idea (was it a mistake?) but this thing is huge. Like, so big that I could have gone down to a medium. I still don't think I'd like the shape of it on me though even if it fit, plus these sleeves also refused to stay down, so back it goes. It's too bad, because gingham + sleeve bow tassels are so cute.

LOFT Eyelet One Shoulder Top - wearing a size M (also wearing these adorable tassel earrings!)
Apparently I forgot to actually take a picture of this top when I tried it on, but look, instead I'm wearing it! So, in case you couldn't tell, it's a keeper :) The reviews suggested sizing down, I'm usually between a large and medium at LOFT and the medium fit perfectly. The white is just the tinist bit sheer, but not so much that I felt self conscious about it. I love that the bottom material is like a tee-shirt, it's super comfortable and flattering.


LOFT Fiesta Dress - wearing a L on the left and a M on the right
I described this dress to a friend as a combination of all of my favorite things. Off the shoulder? Check. Stripes? Check. Embroidery? Check. Blue and pink? Check. Bows? Check. It also has a cute bow in the back. I tried it in a large and a medium, the large was definitely way too big so I went for the medium instead. I'm thinking I'll wear this casually all summer, but it's also a contender for my cousin's casual wedding at the end of the summer.

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