Monday, June 5, 2017

This Weekend...

This weekend I...

...Went out on a little date night with Jeff to Ampersand, our favorite neighborhood wine bar. I'm not sure what makes a wine bar a wine bar besides the fact that they serve wine, but I love that the servers all know a lot about wine there and can always pick out the perfect bottle of wine for us to share despite our vague and slightly differing preferences. Plus, you know, there isn't a bad item on their menu.
...Saw we were supposed to hit the high 80's (yay, almost summer!) and decided to head over to the beach! Despite the fact that we live in a city filled with beaches, Jeff and I have been sadly few times in recent years so I was super excited that we made it. If you've never been to Chicago, we actually have amazingly good beaches. Lake Michigan is so big it actually feels like you're going to the ocean. Minus the waves, salt, and sharks. It was really relaxing though, felt like a mini-vacation!! And an okay replacement that we aren't currently on vacation at the ocean with the rest of Jeff's family, because, you know, we used all of our vacation time to go to Asia.
...Had drinks and a pizza with my parents at Corridor. They were in town for a Cubs game so we had to meet up, and Corridor is one of our favorites and conveniently located near the stadium. More craft beer and more pizza, please!
...Finally got my hands on this pom-pom trim dress in the right size - sizes keep popping in and out of stock so keep an eye out if you're still searching! I'm also excited to give this striped pom-pom trim OTS top a try!
...Took a couple of long walks around the neighborhood to enjoy the weather. Really, not to be talking about the weather too much, but this city really comes alive when the weather is nice so we just had to soak it all in.

I hope you had a good one!

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